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     Plob isnt much like any website you might have visited before
     It is an ever evolving collection of the internets most usefull and interesting websites, available at a single click.
     Our aim is simple, "To be the most handy website on the internet"

     There are.......

         No pop ups, and never will be
         No usernames or passwords
         No flash adverts ( Slowing down your internet, and using your bandwidth )
         No users data collected

     Make it even handier by.......

         Arranging the tiles in any order you like by sliding them to where you want
         Remove any tiles you dont use
         Adding any you do
         Creating a page that is talilored for you and by you, its really easy to do

       Plob Sliding Tiles

      Once you have spent a few minutes, adding your favourite news, shops, your mobile network, football team, bank,
      whatever it is you need for a really handy hompage, we are all different.

      Your Plob page can also be accessed on a phone, computer, tablet, TV, or device from anywhere.
      Many parents create a page for children to use on their own computers.
      Employers create plob pages for staff to use on work machines, helping them to be more efficient workers.

      For instructions for editing your own page click here

      Plob is divided into sections, read a little about them below

      However there are many more tiles within plob search why not try for yourself.

         Plob Shopping  
       Plob Shopping is the high street at a click
       Packed full of the UKs most popular shops and online stores.
       Be it clothes, Diy, Household Appliances, Computers, Books, Supermarkets, Phones, Furniture, Camping Equipment,        Supermarkets and much more...
                         Plob Shopping Examples
Plob Kids  
      Plob Kids is packed with fun and educational sites to help them with homework and schoolwork, childrens websites
      which are just plain fun, and ones which will spark the their imaginations.
      Children that cant yet read and very young children have no trouble navigating their way around the site.
      see for yourself.

                    Plob Kids Examples    

Plob Entertainment

Plob Entertainment Examples
       Plob Entertainment is a collection of the most entertaining websites on the internet, Music, Videos,
       Radio Stations, Documentarys, Magazines, TV, Cinemas, Days Out, Live Venues and a whole host of others

       The sections are self explanatory, we wont go on....

       If you are interested in the massive benefits of getting your company Plob Listed - Read more here

             Plob Listed Stamp

       Random Fact: Plob was originally designed in 2005 as a safe and easy to use homepage for a 5 year old child.
       The benefits of a big person version was obvious, Plob was born and has been growing and evolving ever since.

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