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       How to set Plob as your Homepage

       This depends on which browser you are using
       Below are instructions for the three most popular browsers

       Internet Explorer Users
           Internet Explorer ie
                Firefox Users
           Google Chrome Users

        If you do not use any of the browsers above

        You can find your plob homepage address by clicking the permalink button at the bottom right of the page.
        This displays in the address bar at the top of the page your personal plob homepage address.


        Copy and paste this address, or type into any device to use the same Plob Homepage

        There will be a method to set this as your homepage so if unsure refer to help in your browser or owner manual.

        Each Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV, in fact any device will see the same page.

        People often save their Plob Homepage address by copying and pasting it into a self sent email for safe keeping or for         setting up a new computer.

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