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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q. Can i add or remove any of the tiles, or move them to where i want them? 
         A. Yes and we highly recommend it, that is what Plob is all about
         You can drag them anywhere you want them, and add or remove what tiles you like

         It will save you time typing, so much time in fact when all added up, when you could have it at a single click

         Read More - Editing your Plob page

     2. Q. How do i set Plob as my Homepage?    

         A. This depends on which browser you use but is very easy to do  

         Read More - Setting Plob as your Homepage

    Firefox     Chrome       ie Internet Explorer

     3. Q. Can i use the same Plob page from another computer, tablet, phone or device?    

         A. Yes

         Click the permalink button at the bottom right of the plob main page.
         This displays in the address bar your personal plob homepage address.


         By putting this address into any device you will be able to set that as the homepage on multiple devices
         Each Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV, or any device will see the same page.

         People often save their Plob Homepage address by copying and pasting it into a self sent email for safe keeping or for          setting up a new computer.

     4. Q. Can i get my Company Plob Listed?

         A. Yes

         Read More - Plob Listing

         Plob Listed Stamp  

     5. Q. A tile has appeared on my Plob homepage that i didnt add?    

         A. As Plob evovles with whats out there, so does the default Plob Homepage
             If i tile does appear it has been added to the default Plob homepage
             Try it you might like it, as only the most popular tiles appear on the default page
             If not just search for it and remove as you normally would do 

     6. Q. What does Plob mean?    

         A. Something that uses very few words and is picture driven with icon like images 


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