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        How do I add or remove tiles? Click Here to read more

        How to add Tiles

        How do I change the order of the tiles?

        Just click and drag, and drop them where you want them, simple.
        This only works on the plob page, the sections can not be re arranged

        Plob Drag and Drop Tiles

        How do I set Plob as my homepage? Click Here to read more

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        How do I use the same Plob page from another computer, tablet, phone?

         Click the permalink button at the bottom right of the plob main page.
         This displays in the address bar your personal plob homepage address.


         By putting this address into any device you will be able to set that as the homepage on multiple devices
         Each Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV, or any device will see the same page.

         People often save their Plob Homepage address by copying and pasting it into a self sent email for safe keeping or for          setting up a new computer.

        How do I get my company on Plob? ( Plob Listed )

        Plob Listed Stamp

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